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Consignor Agreement 2014

Doodlebug’s Consignment and Entertainment, LLC

112 W Broad Street  Statesville, NC  28677  -  704-873-8333

  1.    Items need to be in totes or boxes if applicable. Boxes, totes or independent items need to be labeled with consignor’s name. Sorted items are appreciated. Sort by shirts, pants, shorts, and by size. This helps us quickly prepare your items for sale.


   2.  Clothing must be DROP OFF READY: freshly laundered, free from odors and animal hair. Items should not be worn out, stained, in need of repair, out dated, or out of style. 2-piece outfits must match. Items should be buttoned, snapped, zipped or tied. I understand that I must be present while my items are being reviewed. If I choose a “DROP OFF” appointment I understand that I must return within 7 days to pick up any items that do not meet inventory standards. I understand that any unwanted items become property of Doodlebug’s and maybe donated, this includes empty totes. 


   3.   Clothing must be on hangers (hangers should look like a ? ) and loose items (socks, onesies, etc) must be packaged in freezer bags by size if applicable. Shorts and pants must be on pant hangers and not folded.


   4.   Dirty Clothes, Toys or Equipment will NOT be accepted.


   5.  Toys or equipment requiring batteries must have working batteries or they will not be accepted. Your account will be charged a service fee if we must put batteries in your toy(s). Items may not have tags from other consignment sales, yard sales, etc.


   6.  Toys with parts or pieces must be accounted for and toys with multiple pieces must be packaged together the way you want them to sell. We will NOT package them for you.


   7.   Prices will be set by management at the time of consignment and can be discounted at the discretion of management based on condition, demand and seasonal needs. Usually this will be discounted after approx. 60 days. Management may photograph some or all items to market or sell via the internet. Consignors will receive 50% of the sold price. 


   8.   I understand that my consignment period is four months from the month that I dropped off and that any items after this period become the property of Doodlebug’s. I understand that if I want my items back, it is my responsibility to come and pick up my items. Final Pick up date for Spring/Summer is Sept 1st. Final Pick up date for Fall/Winter is April 1st .


   9.   Doodlebug’s reserves the right to make policy changes and amend the list of “acceptable” and “unacceptable” items as needed for improvement at any time.

  10.  If my consignor account is inactive for one year, my consignor money will be forfeited, and my account will be closed. Balances may ‘ride’ from season to season, however inactivity for one year closes the account.


  11. I may request payment of my account balance at any time. This balance may be paid in cash or check at the discretion of management. Doodlebug’s is consignment only with a 50/50 split after items have sold.


There will be a $5-$10 Service Fee applied to any account with items needing batteries, cleaning or repair.


I understand there is a $35 replacement fee for lost or stolen checks for Consignor Payout.


To the best of my knowledge, all items that I am consigning meet current safety standards and have not been recalled. I understand that if my item(s) is discovered to be in “not-working” condition (ie. Sound does not work etc) after it is accepted into inventory, it will be disposed of at the discretion of DOODLEBUG’S CONSIGNMENT AND ENTERTAINMENT, LLC.  If my item is recalled during the time it is on consignment, it will be disposed of at the discretion of DOODLEBUG’S CONSIGNMENT AND ENTERTAINMENT, LLC.


I hereby warrant that I have complete title to the merchandise that I have consignment and I will not hold DOODLEBUG’S CONSIGNMENT AND ENTERTAINMENT, LLC responsible for any claim of title to it. I also understand that DOODELBUG’S CONSIGNMENT AND ENTERTAINMENT, LLC assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to listed merchandise by fire, theft, “Acts of God”, accident or other cause.


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